Solid Protocol
Getting Started
Token Address: A5UevXJdphkzXhRtTXj8JyoYYrWnkCLHVS986JHtRLyj

SPL wallet

To get started, you will need a SPL wallet to store your SOLID tokens on Solana blockchain. Phantom and Sollet are great choices, we recommend using one of them.

How to get SOLID

You can purchase SOLID token on Raydium. You can also trade SOLID on DEX. SPL USDC is required to trade/purchase SOLID, as well as some SOL to pay for gas.
Warning: SOLID is a solana-based token. We don't have any forks. SOLID is not affiliated with BSC or any other chain other than Solana, anyone trying to navigate you to any non-Solana exchange to purchase SOLID is a scammer. Be careful.
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SPL wallet
How to get SOLID